Who We Are

Green Spring is committed to providing authentic, natural, safe, and effective plant extracts to make human life better and healthier.

We offer a range of plant extract products that have been proven to be beneficial to health, to meet the needs of customers in the food, cosmetics, healthcare, and natural pigment industries. Our expert team provides high-performance and high-quality products in different industries through research and development.

We work with farmers and agricultural producers in the plant's origin to ensure that the use of pesticides, herbicides is reduced to obtain the highest quality plant products that are natural.


We adhere to strict standards to produce safe and efficient products of the highest quality, and our quality procedures ensure complete traceability of the plant extracts we provide. We use global best practices and multi-stage testing methods to verify the purity of our products. Our products comply with the standards of Regulation (EC) No 396/2005 and Pollutant Regulation No 2023/915, and have been certified by BRC, IFS, Halal, Kosher, and ISO9001. 

Since its establishment in 2000, Green Spring has been adhering to the belief of innovation, quality, and excellent service. We attach great importance to the origin of plant sources, product quality, and customer satisfaction.As a leading supplier of plant extracts, Green Spring is on the path of innovation, committed to developing breakthrough products and continuously improving our products and services.

Our History

The history of Green Spring is based on the company's corporate mission of "quality creates a better life". In the field of plant active ingredients, it has always adhered to the concept of natural and safe products, and is committed to providing safe, effective and high-quality plant extracts to make life healthier and better.
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Our History

Our Team

Green Spring is composed of an efficient, experienced and professional elite team. We have a professional R&D, quality and sales team, committed to the research and innovation of natural plant active ingredients, providing safe and high-quality products, complete application solutions and professional services.


As a high-tech enterprise, innovation is the lifeline of Green Spring. We have a Very senior professional team dedicated to providing customers with innovative natural plant extracts.

Through the unremitting efforts of our research and development team,Green Spring now has 2 invention patents for extracting olive leaf polyphenols and Production of diosgenin from turmeric by microbial fermentation,5 utility model patents, including natural ferulic acid extraction production process, berberine hydrochloride test data analysis system and 3 software copyrights of the alkali test experiment data analysis system and the quercetin refined product quality monitoring system.

Green Spring has a strong research and development strength, constantly explore the deep needs of customers, and providing optimized solution. We will be firmly focus on providing the best quality products and services to all our customers.