Green Spring Attended WPE&WHPE 2023

Jul 26,2023
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Shaanxi is a precious land with rich biological resources in China, and the Qinling-bashan region is known as the unique "biological gene pool". This land has nurtured 3,300 species of seed plants, accounting for 12% of the total number of seed plants in China. At the same time, here also nurtured nearly 800 kinds of medicinal plants, a variety of plants in China has an important position. China's plant extract industry originated in the 1970s, and Shaanxi is the most important birthplace, the current output value accounts for one-third of the country, and is the largest province of China's plant extract industry output value.

Research Institute released statistics showing that the western region of China, with Shaanxi as the leader, has a large number of high-quality plant extracts upstream and downstream manufacturers, and formed a complete production and marketing blockchain system, a strong industrial base to attract domestic and foreign buyers to gather here every year.

On July 20-22, 2023, Western China Natural Extracts, Pharmaceutical Raw Material & Innovative Raw Materials Exhibition and Western Health Products & Functional Foods Exhibition  (WPE&WHPE2023) were held at Xi'an International Convention & Exhibition Center.

As a leader in the plant extract industry, Green Spring participated in this exhibition. In this exhibition, variety of food raw materials, cosmetic raw materials, health care raw materials and natural pigments such as Rhodiola rosea extract, black rice extract, refined rice bran wax, rosemary extract and many other four major categories of many featured products are displayed. Many new and old customers gathered at the exhibition and shared the industry feast.

Green Spring people will continue to provide customers with natural, safe and high-quality plant extracts, and work together to compose a new chapter in the plant extract industry!

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