Green Spring Technology Donates to Disabled Children for the 6th Year

Dec 13,2023
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The latest statistical analysis by the United Nations Children's Fund found that there are nearly 240 million disabled children worldwide, which is twice the previous estimate. One in every 10 disabled children has experienced their rights being deprived, including indicators that measure child well-being such as health, education, and protection. According to statistics, there are 8.17 million disabled children aged 0-14 in China, accounting for 2.67% of the total number of children. That is to say, for every 100 children, there are at least 2 disabled children. Due to physical or psychological reasons, disabled children require more loving care.


Green Springs Technology has been consistently donating food, clothes, books, etc. to children with disabilities since 2018, and this is the 6th year.


On November 30, 2023, Green Spring people went to see those children with items such as cotton jackets, rice, milk, and books. Some of them come to visit these children every year. The children who used to feel young have now grown up and made significant progress. A child's painting was sent to Beijing for exhibition and won an award. Children exercise every day and learn cultural knowledge, draw, play drums, and other artistic activities. The director of the welfare institution took everyone on a tour of the dormitory, classrooms, etc., and introduced the situation of the children.


In addition to bringing a variety of foods, books and so on to the children, Green Spring people also made many dumplings for the children personally. Each dumpling symbolizes full love and shines brightly on this winter day.


Green Spring Technology has a group of caring friends. May our love give children some warmth in this cold winter.

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