D Mannitol Powder

99% D Mannitol Powder Bulk

Product Name:D Mannitol Powder Bulk


Testing Method:HPLC

Appearance:White Crystalline Powder

Pesticide Residue:Comply with (EC) No 396/2005 Standard

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    D Mannitol is a natural six-carbon sugar alcohol, first found in pumpkins, mushrooms, onions, and seaweeds, in 1806, Proust first from the manna honey tree successfully isolated, Mannitol from the name. D-Mannitol is a six-carbon linear polyol, a white powder crystal, its molecular formula is C6H14O6, molecular weight is 182.17. Mannitol widely Mannitol is found in algae, fruits, plant leaves, and plants, and small amounts in almost all vegetables.


    D Mannitol Powder was initially used as a sweetener and diluent, but later it was found to also have diuretic and dehydrating effects, so it was used in the field of medicine. The pharmacological action of mannitol is mainly to reduce tissue oedema by increasing plasma osmolality and transferring water from interstitial fluid to plasma, thus increasing glomerular filtration rate and urine output, and excreting electrolytes such as sodium and potassium.


    The clinical applications of D Mannitol Powder are mainly in the treatment of cerebral oedema, reduction of intracranial and intraocular pressure, and prevention of acute renal failure. Mannitol is also used as a stabilizer, solubilize, or excipient in preparations such as dialysis solutions, infusions, injections, eye drops, and eye ointments.


    Currently, the most common method for the industrial production of D Mannitol Powder is chemical synthesis. It mainly uses a fructose/glucose mixture as the substrate, and the fructose/glucose mixture is hydrogenated by nickel catalysis under high temperature and high pressure to obtain mannitol.


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    Product Name

    D Mannitol Powder

    CAS No.




    Testing Method



    White Crystalline Powder

    Pesticide Residue

    Comply with (EC) No 396/2005 Standard


    It conforms to EU regulations.

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    D Mannitol powder is a natural sweetener with antioxidant properties. It scavenges free radicals in the body and helps to slow down the aging process.


    Regulating Blood Lipids

    D mannitol has the effect of regulating blood lipids and can promote liver metabolism of fat, thereby achieving the effect of regulating blood lipids. If there are diseases such as hyperlipidemia, D-mannitol can be used for treatment according to medical advice.


    Promote Intestinal Peristalsis

    D mannitol has the effect of promoting intestinal peristalsis, can accelerate the digestion and absorption of food in the intestinal tract, to a certain extent, can also prevent constipation and other diseases. If there is indigestion and other diseases, you can follow the doctor's instructions to use the drug for treatment.



    D mannitol has a laxative effect, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, to a certain extent, and can also achieve the effect of preventing constipation. If there is constipation, you can eat D-mannitol to improve.


    Diuretic Swelling

    D mannitol powder has the effect of diuretic swelling, and can promote the discharge of water in the body, but also to achieve the effect of swelling, more suitable for people with edema to eat.


    Helps with Dehydration

    D Mannitol may help to treat cerebral oedema due to certain causes, and reduce intracranial pressure and other conditions.


    Helps Detoxification

    Mannitol is a hypertonic tissue dehydrator that promotes excretion, and so may have a detoxifying effect on the toxicity of certain drugs in overdose, e.g. barbiturates, lithium, salicylates, and bromides.


    In Pharmaceutical:

    As a functional sugar alcohol, D mannitol is widely used. The light industry, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, and food are the main demand for mannitol, of which the demand in the pharmaceutical field accounted for 60.0 percent. In the pharmaceutical field, mannitol can be used for the production of mannitol injections, can reduce the patient's intraocular pressure, and treatment of cerebral oedema, but also can be used as a surgical flushing agent.


    In the Food Field:

    D Mannitol powder is about half as sweet as sucrose, but has a lower calorie value of 6.69 kJ/g, making it a good low-calorie sweetener for obese people who want to improve their figure. Mannitol's metabolism is insulin-independent and causes little or no change in blood glucose levels, making it suitable for people with diabetes. The greatest use of mannitol in food is as a sweetener or anti-sticky agent in sugar-free chewing gum.


    In Cosmetics:

    D Mannitol powder in cosmetics, and skin care products, the main role of adhesives, and moisturizing agents. Risk factor of 1, relatively safe, can be used with confidence, for pregnant women generally has no effect, and D mannitol is not acne-causing. Peroxynitrite anion is a combination of superoxide radicals and nitroso ions but is also a common free radical in vivo, these free radicals and pigmentation related to the elimination of Mannitol are conducive to skin conditioning and anti-aging, skin allergies also have a certain degree of inhibition. D Mannitol powder can inhibit light damage to the skin and photo-aging and has a moisturizing function.


    As a Medicinal Excipient:

    D Mannitol powder has stable chemical properties, absorbs heat when dissolved, has a sweet taste, and is comfortable for the oral cavity. Therefore, it is widely used in the manufacturing of chewing tablets such as sobering pills, oral cooling agents, and nitroglycerin tablets. Its granular form is specifically used as an excipient for direct tablet compression.

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D Mannitol Powder

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