Beetroot extract powder

Beetroot Extract Powder

Latin Name:Beta Vulgaris L.



Testing Method:UV

Appearance:Purple Red Powder

Pesticide Residue:Comply with (EC) No 396/2005 Standard

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  • What is Beetroot Extract Powder?

    Beetroot Extract Powder is a dark purple fine powder obtained by selecting fresh beetroot, aqueous extraction, purification, and spray drying. It maintains the nutrients and flavor of fresh beetroot, dissolves instantly and is easy to consume. Its active ingredients are betaine, ferulic acid, oleanolic acid, pectin, amino acid, etc.


    Green Spring Technology supplies high quality Red Beet Powder, which is made from red beetroot by dehydration and spray drying. It retains the natural colour, flavour and nutrients of beetroot and is additive free and purely natural.


    Green Spring Technology is a leading biotech company in China, which has obtained many certifications such as Halal, Kosher, COSMOS, BRC, IFS, FDA, ISO and so on. It organizes production in strict accordance with ISO, HACCP and other quality standards. The products implement the highest international industry standards and comply with EU EC396, EU 2023/915 and the highest solvent residue standards. 


    Product Name

    Beetroot Extract

    Latin Name

    Beta Vulgaris L.





    Testing Method



    Purple Red Powder

    Pesticide Residue

    Comply with (EC) No 396/2005 Standard


    It conforms to EU regulations.

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    Improve Athletic Performance

    Several studies have found that supplementing with beetroot juice improves the amount of oxygen absorbed by muscles during exercise. A 2019 study found that high doses of beetroot juice improved time trial results in experienced cyclists. Eating beets can improve exercise performance by increasing oxygen consumption and prolonging fatigue. To maximize the effects of exercise, the best time to use it is 2-3 hours before a training session or race. Beetroot juice promotes the production of nitric oxide in the muscles, increasing blood flow and oxygen levels.


    Promotes Cardiovascular Health

    Nitrates in beetroot are one of its main components that are beneficial to cardiovascular health. In the body, nitrates can be converted into nitric oxide (NO), an important vasodilator that helps relax the walls of blood vessels, thereby lowering blood pressure. In addition, the potassium content of beetroot helps to maintain heart health, as potassium is an essential mineral for maintaining heart rhythm and stable blood pressure. Studies have shown that regular consumption of beetroot improves blood vessel function and reduces high blood pressure, which may help prevent cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke. In addition, the antioxidant content of beetroot may also help lower blood cholesterol levels, further maintaining cardiovascular health.


    Helps Lower Blood Pressure

    A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association points out that there is an organic nitrate in the beet plant, which is a key substance to help lower blood pressure. Nitrate can help increase the concentration of nitric oxide gas in the blood, which in turn helps to relax smooth muscle, relax blood vessels, and promote blood circulation, and the amount of nitrate in the beetroot is about 20 times more than that of the average vegetable.


    Promote Digestion

    Beetroot contains betaine which keeps the stomach neutralised and gives the body hydrochloric acid, which accelerates the body's absorption of protein and effectively aids digestion. When too much stomach acid can inhibit, too little can also stimulate the secretion of stomach acid to maintain the neutralization. Beetroot extract can indirectly maintain the health of the liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney and other internal organs; with and choline, lecithin biochemical pharmacological function is an effective regulator of metabolism.


    Reduces the Chance of Cancer

    Betacyanin, a pigment in beetroot, is an excellent antioxidant with anticancer properties. In a 2011 study conducted by Howard University in Washington, D.C., USA, it was found that betacyanin could inhibit the growth of tumors in prostate or breast cancer cells, but the direct relevance of beetroot for cancer prevention requires further experimental evidence. However, the direct relevance of beetroot for cancer prevention has yet to be confirmed by further experiments.


    Improve Anaemia

    Beetroot powder is rich in folic acid and iron, consumption can prevent iron-deficiency anaemia, beetroot should be an ancient traditional therapy, is the treatment of a variety of blood disorders in an important drug, often eat beetroot powder, for prevention anaemia, prevention and treatment of various blood disorders.


    Improves Blood Circulation to the Brain

    Maintaining good blood circulation in the brain is a good way to help stimulate human cognitive ability, and may even prevent the development of dementia in old age. A 2011 study by Wake Forest University in Northern California reported that beetroot can slow down the deterioration of dementia. The reason for this is that beetroot improves vasodilatation, and its high folic acid content is the main reason for this.



    Beetroot contains folic acid and vitamin C (another strong antioxidant). Beetroot also contains potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and nitrates. Potassium lowers heart rate and regulates metabolism. The other red compound is called betalains, another antioxidant and plant compound. All beets contain betaine antioxidants, a red and yellow pigment found in plants. Beets are also yellow in addition to red. Beetroot is rich in minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals. As well as containing inorganic nitrates and phytochemicals, both of which are good plant compounds for health.


    In the Food Field:

    Beetroot extract powder is often used as a natural pigment for colouring food. Its bright fuchsia colour can bring an attractive appearance to food products and increase consumers' appetite. In foods such as candies, pastries and beverages, beetroot powder can be used as a natural pigment to replace synthetic colours, giving foods a more natural and healthy colour. At the same time, beetroot powder also has good stability and light resistance, which can ensure the stability of the colour of food during processing and storage.


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