Marigold Flower
Lutein Powder

Lutein Powder 5%

Plant Source:Marigold Flower 

CAS No. :127-40-2

Assay: 5%

Testing Method:HPLC

Appearance:Orange Fine Powder

Pesticide Residue:Comply with (EC) No 396/2005 Standard

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    Lutein, also known as "phytolutein", is an antioxidant with excellent performance, belongs to the natural carotenoids, and is a kind of natural pigment widely found in fruits, vegetables, flowers, and plants. Lutein is a natural pigment in various fruits, vegetables, flowers, and grasses. lutein synthase does not exist in the human body, so it can not be directly synthesized, but only through the dietary intake of lutein. In 1995, lutein was approved by the U.S. FDA as a dietary supplement, and in 2007 it was classified as a food additive in China.


    It is one of the most important nutrients in the human retina. Lutein is distributed in several tissues and organs of the human body, including the eye, liver, fat, pancreas, adrenal gland, breast tissue, etc. The highest concentration is found in the macula of the retina. Its protective mechanism is mainly two aspects filtering blue light and antioxidant damage, thus producing effective protection for the retina.


    Lutein Powder 5% supplied by Green Spring Technology can be prepared as lutein microcapsule powder. It uses gelatin, gum arabic, and other substances (wall material) to encapsulate the fat-soluble active substances such as lutein to form tiny particles (microcapsules) to enhance the encapsulated substances' stability and biological activity. Lutein microcapsule powder has excellent stability and good water solubility.


    Founded in 2000, Green Spring Technology is dedicated to providing our customers with natural, safe, and organic plant extracts. All of the products we offer are manufactured to the highest international industry standards, complying with EU EC396, EU 2023/915, and the highest solvent residue standards. Green Spring has established a perfect traceability system, each product from source to finished product has detailed testing, and production reports, to ensure that every link in the production process can be controlled and verified. It has passed Halal, Kosher, COSMOS, BRC, IFS, FDA, ISO, and many other certifications.



    Product Name

    Lutein Powder

    Latin Name

    Tagetes Erecta l.

    CAS No.



    Marigold Flower



    Testing Method



    Orange Fine Powder

    Pesticide Residue

    Comply with (EC) No 396/2005 Standard


    It conforms to EU regulations.

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    The two ends of the carbon chain in the lutein molecule are the hydrophilic end containing the hydroxyl group (-HO) and the hydrophobic end containing the carbon chain (=CH2), and the hydrophobic long carbon chain is buried in the molecular layer of phospholipids in the cell membrane. While the hydrophilic hydroxyl groups remain on both sides of the membrane, this positioning allows luteolin to maximally bind to the highly oxidizable cell membrane lipids. This enhances the strength of the cell membrane and protects against oxidative cell damage caused by free radicals.


    Population studies have shown that volunteers who received 20 mg of lutein powder orally per day for one month had increased superoxide dismutase activity, decreased levels of malondialdehyde, a product of lipid oxidation, and significantly lower levels of oxidative DNA damage in peripheral blood lymphocytes than in the control population. Therefore, lutein supplementation may have a preventive and ameliorative effect on oxidative stress-induced inflammation-related diseases, such as retinopathy, cardiovascular disease, skin damage, colon disease, and liver damage.


    Protecting Vision

    Lutein powder has an extremely important protective effect on the macula in the retina. When the human body is deficient in lutein, it is prone to macular degeneration and blurred vision, which in turn leads to vision deterioration, myopia, and other symptoms.


    Enhancement of Immunity

    As we grow older, our immune system will gradually decline, which will lead to cold and flu easily, forgetfulness, and other phenomena. Lutein powder can protect the body from damage by eliminating live mono-linear oxygen through physical or chemical quenching, thus enhancing the body's immune system.


    Inhibition of Arteriosclerosis

    Lutein content in human blood is low and easily causes arterial wall thickening, with a gradual increase in the content of lutein, arterial wall thickening tends to reduce, and arterial embolism is also significantly reduced. At the same time, lutein in the arterial wall cells can also reduce the oxidative properties of LDL cholesterol.


    Anti-Blue Light

    Since lutein is originally yellowish, it absorbs light with a wavelength of around 460nm, which happens to be the range of blue light. When our eyes are exposed to too much blue light, a lot of reactive oxygen species will be generated in the retina, causing oxidative reactions and accelerating retinal cell damage. Therefore, proper supplementation of lutein is equivalent to wearing a pair of anti-blue light glasses for your eyes.


    Improve Cell Signaling

    Many studies have found that lutein has some ability to improve the quality of vision and improve cognition in the visual cortex layer of the brain. This may be because lutein can be used as an electrolyte replenishment in the link region between the cells, and improve the retina and optic nerve cell charging and discharging speed, thus giving the retinal cells and the brain's visual cortex cells a speed "BUFF". At the same time, lutein powder also has a certain anti-inflammatory, to promote the retinal cells after the inflammatory reaction of the repair function.



    For Feed Product:

    Natural lutein powder is mainly used as a natural colouring agent in feed additives. The addition of lutein to special aquatic feeds is not only effective in colouring fish but also exhibits growth promotion, improves digestive enzyme activity and reduces fat accumulation to a certain extent. It can also be used in poultry products, such as improving the skin of broilers, and added to chicken feed to improve the nutritional value of eggs. Lutein powder is also widely used in poultry skin, fat, shin and egg yolk colouring, as well as in trout, salmon shrimp and crab colouring.


    For Health Products:

    In addition to the protective effect of lutein in marigold extract against age-related macular degenerative disease cataracts and other vision diseases, the marigold extract has also been found to relieve visual fatigue and improve symptoms of visual fatigue such as eye swelling, eye pain, photophobia, blurred vision, and dry eyes. Marigold hydroalcoholic extract helps to reduce diabetic complications such as retinopathy, neuropathy, nephropathy, and cardiovascular disease. Lutein powder has been used as a nutraceutical additive.

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